Arun Buch organized a fantastic "lime" in Trinidad and Tobago with the help of his staff.

The program included (with music and opportunity to dance at every occasion):

  • Arrival & Cocktail party at our abode at the Hilton in Port of Spain on January 12, 2019
  • A Day at Maracas Beach
  • A day by the pool with pan band and dinner at the famous Queen's Park Cricket Club
  • Boat ride from Port of Spain to Scarborough on the Island of Tobago
  • Option of pol side or the beach at our abode the Grand Magdalena, or golf, or trip to town of Scarborough and dinner at the Sea Horse Inn.
  • Island tour of Tobago to Castara, English Man's Bay with lunch at the famous Jemma's Tree Restaurant in Speyside. Dinner at Grand Magdalena with entertainment by Paradise Pirates
  • A day at Pigeon Point Beach in Tobago and flight back to Port of Spain
  • Trip to the Pitch Lake in Central Trinidad, lunch at Soong's Great Wall Restaurant, option (thanks to Detta Buch) of a trip to Coroni Bird Sanctuary to see the Red Scarlet Ibis
  • Lunch at Hilton with entertainment organized by Vish Vaidya. Dinner and more entertainment at the Apsara Restaurant in Port of Spain.
  • Finally making home journey on 21st January, 2019.

The participants were:

Amina & Aziz Bhaloo, Detta & Arun Buch, Shamim and Taj Charania, Edgar D'Sa, Uma & Ramesh Ganatra, Kulwant & Sewa Hunjan & Family, Naseem & Mansur Kassim, Pam & Alex Lopez, Parin & Mahedi Meghani, Amin & Giovanna Patani, Vidula & Bhaskar Patel, Rosalie & Amrit Sachdeva, Farida & Shiraz Satchu, Jackie & Pravin Shah, Rajinder & Pyara Lotay, Vinod & Pramod Sood,Kanta & Himat Talsania, Lila & Surinder Aggarwal, Vish Vaidya, and Satish Talwar.


Below are the many of the memories captured by various participants, with major contribution thanks to Ed D'Sa, Vish Vaidya and Giovanna Patani. Click on any photo to begin to see individual photos in higher resolution. If you want to down load or comment on any of the photos, please click this link and go the individual photo.

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