Photobooks are available of the 2017 Reunion in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the recent 2019 Reunion in Trinidad & Tobago. They capture memories of the wonderful time those alumni who attended were able to enjoy together. The Photobooks were put together thanks to the efforts of Giovanna Patani and contributing photographers and alumni. While photos of the various reunions are available on this website, the Photobooks include some of the most memorable photos and are a pleasurable way to view and talk about our reunion experiences.

The Photobooks were put together using the online utiilities and tools provided by Shutterfly. Digital viewable copies are on the Shutterfly site (see the links below) and may be ordered from their site using the "Add to Cart" button. You need to have an account (free) to place an order. The cost of the Photobooks vary depending on the promotions that may be ongoing when you order. None of us make any money or get any subsidized products from Shutterfly from anything you may order. Shutterfly offers promotions and coupons on a regular basis, and we typically wait for these before placing our personal orders. We also try to combine local orders in order to save on the cost of shipping.

Here are the links to the available photo-books:

       2017 Scottsdale Reunion Photobook
      2019 Trinidad & Tobago Reunion Photobook


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