History & Old Memories

In this section you will find documents, articles, links, and pictures related to the time when we were students at the College. You can see this information by clicking the links on the left.

Under "Documents and Articles," you will find information related to the birth of the college and also to the birth and demise of the University of East Africa. Some of this is captured from an interesting thesis written by Bhekithemba Richard Mngomezulu at Rice University. This collection includes extracts from the University of Nairobi Archives that detail the plans forming the college and the progress made in the early years. These should certainly be interesting reading for the first batch of students since this details many of the developments they might have seen.

Under “Links”, you will find links to additional information about the formative years of RTC.

There is a gallery of images from our days at RTC. These photos have been provided by fellow alumni. The icons under the pictures in the gallery let you open a slide show, download an image, or comment on a photo. Below the gallery is an area where you can comment on the entire gallery and also upload any memorable pictures you may want to share.

If you have any pictures, documents, articles or links that you think will be of broader interest, please send them to us for posting on the site. And if you wish to contribute an article that you yourself have written that pertains   to this early period, please let us know. We will be delighted to host it.

At the 2006 Reunion held in Toronto, many alumni had brought their old college photos.  These photos were collated into a CD for sharing the old memories.  Click here to view the photos.

Below is a slide show of the pictures in the History & Old Memories collection. If you want to download any of the pictures or add a comment (including providing names of people in the pictures), please click here to see the picture gallery. You can use the buttons under each picture to download, see a description (where available), or comment on the picture.




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