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Dr Dai (W.T.W.) Morgan
Academic Field:
Years at RTC:
Town of origin:
London, England
Recent Residence:
Durham, England
Life after RTC:
Before my life-enhancing arrival in East Africa I lived in London, where I survived the bombing, was educated in the local "grammar school," and graduated from the London School of Economics. A generous American fellowship took me to Northwestern University in Evanston, Chicago. In an amusing contrast to the rest of my career, my research degrees were studies of some seaside resorts in England and office location in the West End of London.

I joined the foundation year of the RTC in 1956, travelling through Sudan at the very beginning of its civil war. The following years were full of interest and excitement with the additional blessing that the beneficial climate of the Kenya Highlands temporarily freed me from my chronic asthma. It was a privilege to have known fellow members of the reunion and to have served during the evolution of the college into an independent university and witnessed the birth of a new nation. After handing over the geography department to the leadership of Professor Ominde, I was granted a U.K. re-settlement fellowship at King's College, London for 1967-8 before joining the excellent geography department of the University of Durham in its beautiful and historic setting. This and its collegiate system has been much to my liking. It also gave me time to publish studies of regions I had known at first hand, the titles of which may interest our gathering, including: The Population of Kenya (1967), Nairobi, City and Region (1967), East Africa (1973) and I was privileged to revise the volume on African Development by my mentor, Sir Dudley Stamp. Before leaving Nairobi I was able to assist the initiation of the three - season study of South Turkana by the Royal Geographical Society with Malcolm Coe and myself taking part. Perhaps Durham was too comfortable so I got myself seconded to help establish the University of Jos, Nigeria, during 1976 - 78, followed by co-directing (while based in Durham) a tenyear Durham - Jos Environmental Resources Programme with European Union funds, with many reports and another book: Nigeria (1983). Retirement in 1993 allowed time for travel to other parts of the tropics for some fascinating comparisons and more articles. A relevant one compared Eastern Tanzania with Tamil Nadu. Age is now restricting such travel but the reunion in Toronto was memorable and Torquay is terra incognita.

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