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Pramod Kumar Sood
Academic Field:
Electrical Engineering
Years at RTC:
Town of origin:
Recent Residence:
Ottawa, Canada
Life after RTC:
After graduating with a BSc Elec Engineering degree in 1964, I spent the year 1965 in Manchester on post graduate training with Associated Electrical Industries on a UNESCO fellowship. Following this I taught electrical engineering subjects upto HNC level at the Kenya Polytechnic in Nairobi for three years. I then joined Nairobi City Council electrical engineering department and after two years working there, joined Carl Bro Roughton and Partners Consulting Engineers. In the process I acquired the professional memberships MIEE, Member Kenya Professional Engineers and Member Public Lighting Engineers.

The Idi Amin horror of 1972 got us thinking and eventually we moved to Montreal, Canada in June 1975. I was fortunate in that I had already a job lined up with a firm of mechanical and electrical consulting engineers who specialised in Hospital design. In the two years that I spent in Montreal, I was accepted as a professional engineer by the Order of Engineers of Quebec. In 1977, I was hired and moved to Calgary by a Toronto based Consulting Engineering firm to work on the design of my first major project in Canada, a 500 bed Hospital. The successful completion of this project gave me the credibility and acceptance that is so necessary when you move to a new country. I had no difficulty becoming a member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geologists of Alberta.

In 1981 I moved to an integrated architectural and engineering firm as the manager of the electrical engineering department. I rose to become a partner in the firm and in 1997, the firm moved me to Ottawa to open their new office in that city. In my time with this firm and I designed many Hospitals, University Buildings, High Rise Buildings, Government Buildings, Data Centres and Shopping Malls etc. At one time I had professional memberships in the professional engineering associations of almost all Provinces of Canada. I retired at age 71 on 31 December 2012.

I came back to Kenya at the end of 1965 from Manchester, married my wonderful wife Vinod in August 1966. First child son Adit was born in May 1968 and the second child daughter was born in December 1970. The kids were only seven and four and a half years old when we moved to Canada in 1975, had their entire education in Canada and are well established professionals in their chosen fields. As a family we enjoyed many camping trips seeing a lot of Canada in the process.

Both my wife Vinod and I have been very active in the community as volunteers. In Calgary I served the Hindu Society of Calgary as President and then as a Trustee. We led the effort to build the Calgary Mandir. Both my wife Vinod and I received outstanding service awards. In Ottawa also we have been active as volunteers for Durga Mandir, with me doing a term as the President. Probably the crowning recognition of my community services is the Q.E.ll Diamond Jubilee Medal award that I received in 2012. While at RTC I was not much in sports except that for one year, I was on the boxing team. In 1980 I started playing squash and have kept it up till now. Presently my squash is on hold till I recover from a torn achilles tendon that happened in February 2013 while playing squash. I also enjoy Golf.

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