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Arvind (Dodo) Patel
Academic Field:
Civil Engineering
Years at RTC:
Town of origin:
Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania
Recent Residence:
London, England
Life after RTC:
I was born in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania in 1942. I did all my schooling there from 1947 to 1961 when I completed the Higher School Certificate.

In 1962, I joined Royal Technical College to study Civil Engineering, which I successfully completed during June of 1965. I still feel that these three years represented the best period in my life.

After a brief spell back in Dar-es-salaam I left to go to London during August 1965 and this is where I have been living ever since. Within a fortnight of arriving in London I joined a firm of structural engineers in South London. I worked there for five years until 1970 and was involved in the structural design of residential and commercial buildings. In September 1970 I left the firm to do a postgraduate course in concrete technology at the Imperial College in London, which I completed in June 1971. During this year I also became a chartered member of the Institute of Structural Engineers.

In January 1969, I married my wife Shobhana who was a Radiographer practicing at Hammersmith Hospital in London. She came from Kampala, Uganda. We have two children: our son Anup was born in 1973; followed by our daughter Nilam in 1976.

Meanwhile after leaving Imperial College in 1971, I joined Charles Weiss and Partners, a firm of consulting engineers based in Hammersmith, West London. I remained here for eleven years until 1982 and was involved in the design of hospitals and office blocks in various parts of UK. The workload at this firm diminished considerably due to the economic situation in the UK and I had to join another firm of consultants nearby. The type of work remained the same as with previous firm.

In March 1985 an opportunity arose for me to go into business with my brother in law. The business is providing reprographic services to architects, engineers and contractors. It is still ongoing at present and now my son and nephew have joined me and are mainly involved in day to day running of the business.

In July 1988 I was invited to join Rotary Club of Esher and was a member for 21 years until its demise in 2009 due to falling membership. Rotary played a big part in my life and managed to carry out a great amount of local and international charity work, in particular the eradication of Polio throughout the world. I was the treasurer for four years and in 2005 was elected to be the President. In 2006 I was awarded the Paul Harris Fellowship, the highest accolade that can be given to any Rotarian.

The saddest moment in my life was when, in April 1995, my wife passed away suddenly due to cancer. I am happy now that both my children came through Universities and both are married. My son has given me a grandson, Shay and a granddaughter, Ashani, and my daughter has given me a second granddaughter, Lola.

Arvind passed away in 2014 in London England

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