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Mr Nathanial (Khadambi) Asalache
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London, England
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Nathaniel Khadambi Aslalache (1935-2006)

Nathaniel Khadambi Asalache was one of the first batch of students admitted to the Royal Technical College in 1956. During the course of the year, elections were held for the first elected Students Union. I was honoured to be elected President and I was very happy to have Nathaniel (as he was then known to us) as my Vice President. He had already gained popularity as a student leader and I credit him with much of the success that the first group of students had in becoming a well integrated unit that transformed the disparate racial groups in the College into a fairly cohesive student body. Nathaniel's genial, easy-going personality and terrific sense of humour were major factors in the RTC becoming an outstanding example of multi-racial harmony and unity.

The attached obituary gives some idea of the later career of one of the most innovative and colourful characters who graced the Royal Technical College. I was greatly saddened in 2006 to learn of his untimely death in London.

Francis Noronha (1956-1958)

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