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Mr Albert Fernandes
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Mississauga Ontario Canada
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Albert Fernandes, one of the inaugural group of 200 students admitted to the Royal Technical College (now the University of Nairobi) in 1956, completed his Electrical Engineering studies and graduated in 1961. Those of us who were his contemporaries at the RTC will remember him as a friendly man who always helped others in need.

While still a student at the RTC, Albert developed a passion for photography, particularly wildlife photography. His work and hobby gave him insights into life in rural Kenya and he developed a great empathy for people struggling to eke out a living in areas where drought and famine were all too often a harsh reality because of the seasonal nature of the rainfall.

After graduating, Albert obtained employment at the Voice of Kenya. When he emigrated to Canada, his work ethic, technical skills and friendly nature soon got him a job as a broadcast technician with CTV.

In 1981, Albert married the love of his life, Nina, to whom he was happily married for 34
years. They have one son, Vince. In his latter years, Albert often expressed a great desire to alleviate desolate conditions in Kenya and give back to a country that gave him so much. Now the cause has been taken up by his widow, Nina, and their son Vince. They have partnered with Chalice, a top-rated Canadian charity with very low administrative costs, unlike some other so called charitable organizations. The Kangeta project is the result.

Kangeta is a very dry area not far from Meru where Albert was born. The women and children spend much of their day walking considerable distances in search of water. The lack of clean water has affected the health of the local population, as well as the livestock and crop production in the area. An assured supply of water would transform the lives of the people. To support the needs of the Kangeta community, Chalice intends to construct two reservoir tanks in the nearby villages of Isilie and Mangoya and install the piping to convey water from the government dispensary at Kalimbene. The total cost of the project is Can. $44,148.00.

I knew Albert from high school and then at the RTC. He was an unselfish, caring person and I think it is very appropriate that Nina and Vince have chosen this project as a memorial for Albert who asked very little for himself but was always willing to help others. Please consider making a personal contribution.

Thank you so very much for supporting this worthy cause.

Francis Noronha
Dr. Ribeiro Goan School (1942-1952), Royal Technical College (1956-1958)

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