Kangeta is a very dry area not far from Meru where Albert was born. The women and children spend much of their day walking considerable distances in search of water. The lack of clean water has affected the health of the local population, as well as the livestock and crop production in the area. An assured supply of water would transform the lives of the people. To support the needs of the Kangeta community, Chalice intends to construct two reservoir tanks in the nearby villages of Isilie and Mangoya and install the piping to convey water from the government dispensary at Kalimbene. The total cost of the project is Can. $44,148.00.


Below is a request from Nina and Vince. I knew Albert from high school and then at the RTC. He was an unselfish, caring person and I think it is very appropriate that Nina and Vince have chosen this project as a memorial for Albert who asked very little for himself but was always willing to help others. Please consider making a personal contribution. In addition, if you can think of ex-students of the Dr. Ribeiro Goan School or the Royal Technical College or, indeed, any friends who may want to help Nina and Vince achieve their goal, please pass on this information to them. Thank you so very much for supporting this worthy cause.

Francis Noronha
Dr. Ribeiro Goan School (1942-1952), Royal Technical College (1956-1958)


Dear friends,

On July 3, 2017, it will be two years since Albert Fernandes died. The pain of the loss of a husband and father never goes away. It has helped us, however, that in the interim we have been putting into place a project that Albert would have approved of unreservedly were he still alive. We have been most fortunate to partner with CHALICE CANADA. Based in Nova Scotia, Chalice has gained a high reputation in the last twenty years as one of the word’s most trusted aid agencies enriching lives while restoring dignity to people in developing countries. It currently helps over 50,000 children and elderly in 15 developing countries. Its programs also include Human Development Programs, Capital Projects and Urgency Funding (see website: The Kangeta Water Project is expected to provide clean water to over 1,000 families at a total cost of Can. $44,148.00, a small price to pay for improving the quality of life of so many men, women and children.

Here’s our three-fold request to you:

1. Whatever you were thinking of donating when you saw this plea for help, consider DOUBLING that amount in keeping with Albert’s mantra, “Give until it hurts – and then, give some more”. You can donate today by going to: Kalimbene Water Project Kenya. Click “Donate Now” and be sure to select “Kalimbene Water Project, Kenya”.

2. Once you have donated, please send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that we can thank you personally for your donation and also to avoid any future requests to donate to this cause.

3. Share this e-mail with 3 of your friends/family members who you think might be willing to donate. Encourage them to follow the 3 steps outlined above.

As we are committed to this cause of providing access to clean water in rural areas, we will provide a DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR MATCH for up to half the cost of this project. Any “Kalimbene Water Project” donations that Chalice receives between now and October 5, 2017, which is my dad’s birthday, will be eligible for the dollar-for-dollar match from us.

Note that 100% of your donations will be directed to the project (i.e. no admin fees!). Chalice will provide charitable donation receipts to anyone in Canada, regardless of the amount of the donation. International donations are most welcome but unfortunately Chalice can issue tax receipts only in Canada.

We apologize if you have already received this request before. Our heartfelt thanks for any donations and prayers you send in support of this project to help those in need in Kenya. May God bless you for your generous response.

Vince and Nina Fernandes

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